Is it possible to get the date?[solved]



i’m making an app to order Sandwiches but i would like to know at what date (day, month, hours) they ordered is this possible? my app uses firebase so if it is not possible in thunkable maybe in firebase? if you know how to do this plas help :smiley: thx


Yes, it is possible. Use the Clock component in the Sensors category.

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@maarten_pauwels I am using Firebase in my app too. You can use the blocks posted by @Conor and set time and date as a tag in your Firebase, store user name, and order information as values in Firebase, maybe in a list.

In my case I make a child node of time under date. The blocks I use are shown below.

And below is how the data is stored on Firebase.


thx for helping me

i thought the clock was only for timing :frowning:

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thanks for this


Thanks Alot you just solved my biggest problem :slight_smile: <3