Is it possible to create a Fullform searcher apps through Thunkable?

here an website where search any fullform is it possible to tag the website and the result are view in apps on text Label . TEXT

They don’t seem to have an API or developer tools, so it doesn’t seem like this can be done natively.

Perhaps an extension can be made that does something similar, but I don’t think that it will be able to use this FullForms platform.

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ok sir Thanks for replying plz sir make the extension …

which can make like this :grinning:


If there is no API it is pretty sure that also an extension is not possible to create. Also it takes a lot of time and effort to create an extension and therefor you would either have to pay an extension developer or they do some for free but only if it is relevant to a lot of users :wink:

Anyways in this case it doesn’t seem possible at all unfortunately. Maybe you can find a similar website that does have an API you can use with the web component :wink: