Is it possible to communicate with USB OTG?



how to communicate with USB OTG? (For example: Arduino Uno)

USB OTG Bridge App Inventor 2 I tried, doesn’t work! :frowning:


I looked into this maybe a year ago, and the conclusion was that it’s not available but is technologically possible, perhaps with an extension.

In the end I just bought HC-05 Bluetooth module ($5) and used Bluetooth instead. Newer Arduinos, like the 101 or the MKR have Bluetooth so it’s not a terrible alternative.

Maybe one of the extension developers here would be able to help out? It’s definitely something I’d be willing to support anyway.


The Bluetooth Module I used. But I need to establish a wired communication.

Hopefully such an extension is made. :slight_smile:


I don’t feel like waiting, let’s make it happen! :grinning:

How would people feel about using something like (or similar) to fund the development of this extension?

@Taifun, @Mika, @pavi2410, what do you guys think?

This way, with a small individual contributions, we could fund extensions that are useful to the whole community!


Thats a super good idea!


any link to that?

that’s generally a great idea!
I looked at the service you mentioned and found the following information in their FAQ

Does 100% of the bounty go to the developer?

The developer who solves the issue will receive the full bounty amount in their Bountysource account. These funds can be used to create more bounties, donate to teams, or pledge fundraisers. If a developer wishes to cash out their balance there will be a 10% fee.

on the one hand, I do not like those additional fees very much ;-)… that’s just someone else who likes to get money out of the work, someone else does…

on the other hand, to collect some money there might also attract other developers to write extensions, which would be great…

PS: concerning USB OTG: starting from June I could take a look into this… in case you are able to wait… :wink:


USB OTG Bridge, Google Play Store URL (


You might want to use this: Arduino USB Serial Extension