Is it possible to change webviewer default browser to chrome?


Is it possible to change webviewer default browser to chrome browser ?


Please elaborate more your question. If you want to open a link externally and you want the user to open it on Chrome, you can start an ActivityStarter with Action set to android.intent.action.VIEW and the link set in DataUri.
Android will ask the user to open the link what browser will it use, and the user can select always open with Chrome


I dont want to open link externally. i just want to open it in webviewer with chrome features in webviewer.


You could try with extensions like Extended Web Viewer Extension
But I don’t know how to have chrome IN your app


Hello, do you mean this:


just use activity starter only


yes exactly this is what i need. man u get me each time :smiley: so how to do it ?


Not possible, I tried to make extension, but cannot seem to find library. Only .aar (which works with Gradle build tool), while we need .jar library (because to make extensions we use Ant)


thanks .



You cannot convert aar to jar. While unzipping aar file gives you .jar library & additional resource files. You cannot use aar just directly, without those resources. So no, not possible to convert that.


if you also need the resources, then what about using this solution?

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