Is it possible completely remove option which show "Stop this app." , "About this app" and "settings"?



Hi, I’m having trouble removing option menu from the app. Is it possible to completely remove such option menu? not just hide? I read another discussion but no one there give any solution to that problem. here this link

Uncheck “Title Visible” just hides Actionbar and menu but does not disable it. if there any hardware menu button on the phone it steel show options menu after uncheck “Title Visibly”.
Please Help.


No posible


Yes it is possible however, you have to use third party programs to accomplish this…

Here you can see one of them



Just hide the title bar (on the right of your screen) and create your own.


That will not solve his issue…



Thank you for your valuable replay sir. But maybe APK mode is no more. has shut down their website and google group “gwayapps” is no more. Is there any other help? or can you provide APK mode? or other solution? Advance Thanks.


that group moved to!forum/apkmodder


thanks :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


You can use Apktool to decompile and compile it back to apk but you will have to do things manually.

Here’s a good tutorial on how to go about it…

ps. you can ignore the part of the change the package name.