Is it a good idea to create 20-25 App Screens? [Answer: No!]


Can i create 20-25 Screen any problem with this ?
Thank You

Multi screen ! i have nearly 25 screens in my app how do i manage

Why would you want to do that?


i make button in 1 screen then my button is 22 more so i want every button redirect diffrent screen


But is every screen so different or is it possible to reuse stuff. Search the forum. Your question has been asked before.


I think you want to display different content for every single button isn’t it?
If so Let me clarify you that using more than one screen is not recommended;as you can create a vertical arrangement or HA displaying the stuff such as text ,image and more in a perfect way.
Now,you have to set visible option of vertical arrangement or HA to uncheck (in design) or False (in blocks) ,add all the buttons now on empty screen with good design .
In blocks editor,
For every button click block ,add blocks saying set every button visible to false,set VA or HA visible to true,set image to ex.img & set label to some text.
You have to add a back button to VA & blocks saying when back clicked set VA to false & set every button visible to true.
All you have to do is play with set visible block of every element
Moreover , friend you have to learn from docs,search the forum & watch the beginner tutorials before creating a post.


see tip 1

see also

see also



I am facing crash error while testing in Live Thunkable and post app Installation. I have almost 25+ screen. Please share block coding as I didnt understand how to resolve using steps shared by you.


what about following the links of my previous answer?
actually it has been said everything already…

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