iPhone Screenshot suite available for PRO users

Hi Thunkers,

We are trying out a new service for PRO users!

As some of you know, Apple request a specific set of screenshots of different sizes when you submit an app to the App Store. You can read about these requirements here.

We want to make collecting these screenshots easier for our PRO users.
We can provide the iPhone screenshots required for this process!

You can request screenshots with this Airtable form.

If people engage with this service, we will try to expand it to provide iPad screenshots as well!

Happy Thunking :rainbow:



@Leito would love this :grin:


Thanks you very much kartik for remember me!!!
I think that this will be very usefull for all thunkers!! Now the only device that I couldnt reach is the iPad Pro 3rd generation; I m geting grazy with that!
But iPhone 11 was very hard to get too. So i m agree. I LOVE THIS POST and I Will Be aware waiting for the iPads post.

Thanks you again!!!