iOS Screenshot suite available for PRO users - Now includes iPad!

I applied for screenshots two weeks ago but still did not receive them. (I Don’t want them because i made some changes)

and i also applied again for two of my apps two days ago but still did not receive them

I love this development. This will go a long way to alleviate problems developers go through when trying to publish apps. Thanks for this effort.

@jane would you help me with my issue, please?

Due to a high volume of requests in recent days, we have temporarily paused this service to fulfill the existing requests.

This form will be open again soon.

When will it be open again? Has been like this for a while

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and it still is, without any reply from the team…

Hey @henrikhngj5 - this topic has been unlisted since we’re not in a position to offer this service right now, how did you end up posting here?

I have no idea :slight_smile:

Your emails still refer to this service and I have been anxiously waiting for it. However for now I do not care, I found a way to make them myself …

@henrikhngj5 The emails from when you publish your app?

What was you work around?

@domhnallohanlon this maybe?

It shows in the app download email.

Yes In think that is where I saw it…

I take screenshots on my Android and arrange them in Inkscape, only problem is the ipad pictures, but luckily I have an old ipad pro

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