Introduction to APIs


can anyone help me? my converter works only in one way
always euro to other countries but the opposite does not work
thank you


You are using same single variable(“rate”) to store a value(“code”) after picking an item either from both the Lists, List-1 & List-2.

So, Create another variable to store a value after picking an item from List-2.
For Example, Var rate1 stores data chosen after picking an item from List-1 and Var rate2 stores data chosen after picking an item from List-2.

After this use a conditional statement to swap between items. Hope you are getting.


I changed with 2 variable rates_from and rates_to but it does not work.
I put in place of “rates” in “pair key” with the 2 variables, the inversion is done well in the codes but it still does not work.
I have an error “The operation * can not accept the arguments:, [1], [not found]”
thank you


You still didn’t change what @Madan_Mathod told you.


I have created rate1 and rate2 for list 1 and 2
but I still have a problem “can not accept argument”


I succeeded but it only translates in a sense Europe to rest of the world.
even if i reverse the rate still stays europe to other country.
how to have for example usa to france
thank you