Interstitial ads with admobe policy

Can we made this type code block in thunkable classic.

Yes, they do work.

But if you have it working in appybuilder, why do you want to implement it in thunkable classic with the announced complete phase out in the next couple of months?

I’m using thunkable classic .
I need this code sir can u give me plz .
I’m developing a big app from thunkable classic .
I need interstitial ads show with google admobe policy according can u make this block

Plz sir I need help

Dear sir,
Is your team closing thunkable classic service.
If your answer is yes.
So it is very bad decision sir really

Plz reply and
Tell me is it Truth ?
Plz I’m waiting

Yes, they are closing Thunkable Classic.
We Classic users argued that this was an unsatisfactory decision that will inconvenience us greatly, but all we ever got as answer is “switch to X”. Which does not do everything Classic does, and cannot accept the transfer of an AIA file. And to add insult to injury, the API 28 compatible compiler that should have been released last August never worked with projects more than 1/3 the size of those that did compile with the API 26 compiler.

But sir I’m monitoring my app from thunkable classic .
And I don’t know how can convert my app.
Because it’s too much difficult for me sir.
Plz I need thunkable classic plz Sir

Perhaps you can pay the cost of keeping it running?

How can I convert my app
Thunkable classic to thunkable x
It’s too much difficult sir .
I think impossible sir
Plz help me sir