Interstitial ads do not work. Please does anyone have a solution?

I’m testing the apk in test mode shows nothing…

Hey @leandrogoweslvwm2 use test ad ids while your app is under development and you are testing it live on companion. [ Note : Only test ads will be shown if you are using companion. If you want to display the actual ads of admob you have to 1st compile the apk ]


thank you for the informations.

Even compiling the apk the ad is not working.
I’ve tested it in many ways and nothing came up, my admob account and my id is not new … I don’t know what to do​:pensive::sob:

Check the error code by using the block of When Ad Failed To Load

Error Code 0
It means your Add Id id newly created !! It takes may takes few hrs. to activate your add id. So i suggest you to keep patience.

Error Code 2
It means network error. Make sure that your device is connected to the internet.

Error Codes 3
It means that your Ad request is successful, but there are just no available ads for your Ad request during those moments.


The code shown is 3, but in kodular the ads are showing up without problems.:confused::thinking: