Internet Connection Check ( SOLVED )


I have a web viewer component in my app, and i dont want the users to access the url of the web viewer, However everytime internet or wifi is off it shows a page saying no internet connection with my url…
i have seen a tutorial where every 1 sec web reloads but in my case the web viewer is containing a form which users have to fill,
and every reload will clear that…
What i want is if internet connection is turned off the user are brought back to screen 1
Thanks in advance

Webview > check if User have internet connection
Connection check

See the FAQ here Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


I saw that already but it had clock which reloads the page… But i want to use web viewer which has google forms in it… Soo the user has to fill the form, if it continues to reload the page how will they fill the form?


Can something be done?


You don’t want to reload page while checking their internet?


Yes i dont want to reload the page… As if it reloads the form is started again… Even if i can import a image which shows up when there is no internet connection it would be great instead of showing my link


Can you share your blocks so we can suggest you what should be done?


Its the normal load the homepage to a link nothing more than that… Want i want is no one can access the url… But it shows the url when their is no internet connection showing error saying cannot load this page with my url


What you really want is the ability to ping a server, or to handle connection errors. Unfortunately there is no block or component that allows you to do this so a bit of lateral thinking is required.

As a temporary work-around these blocks will check for a connection, display the desired website if WiFi or mobile data is available and also display an error message while hiding your true URL from the casual user.

Do be aware, however, that if more advanced users choose to open up your .apk file they will be able to find your URL with little difficulty.

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sir i have to use this block in my screen 1 or
in 2nd screen
please relpy sir
thank ypu for your warm support sir
thanks a lot


You can use these block after any event you like. It could be Screen1 or Screen2, I chose Screen1.initialize because that way it checks as soon as the app loads.


I did not understand anything at all