Initialize Screen2 on load [Solved]



So i have my app setup with a 3 second splash screen on screen1, how can i get it to preload screen2 (webview) so there isn’t the delay?


How to change screen order

You can’t do It

But you can make a small trick: the app launches on Screen2, and when the screen initializes, open the splash screen, and after the 3 seconds, open the screen 2 with start value ‘already displayed’ or something like that, and the screen wouldn’t open another time the splash screen
And, you should use an if block in Screen2 that declares if there is not start value open the screen1, and if there is a start value, remain in Screen2


I don’t believe you can.

What you could so though is instead of changing screens, put the webviewer on the screen (invisible) then make it visible after the clock has fired and make the splash screen components invisible.


Tried your idea, i actually prefer it so i’m going to use it, however it still doesn’t load the page until the module is set to visible


Thanks for the help, but this is a little too complicated for what i wanted :frowning:


What i have done and it seems to work, is on screen1 initialize it sets the webviewer visible to false then on the timer it sets it back to true and this seems to allow the page to load in the background


That is a great way to do it. Thank you for sharing. I got it to work on Android but is there an alternative for iOS? Tried to find the blocks but couldn’t find hide and show.


Those are not hide and show.
They set visible to true and false.


Could you maybe post a screenshot? I still fail to find them.