InfiniteProgressBars extension (reply)

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InfiniteProgressBars extension

I get it, but the link in the developer’s help page goes here: [FREE] Extension InfinityProgressBars (Version 2), hence I assumed that thunkable is the original platform where this extension was created?

yes it was created here but now it dont support extensions please delete this topic

The clasic version of Thunkable was able to add extensions to it and the post you refer to is from 2018 referring to the classic version. Now the classic version is not anymore available and therefore no extensions can be used.

@gilbert54 the #thunkable section is for discussion related to using the latest version of Thunkable.

I’m moving your post to #classic-extensions since you’re asking about an extension that is no longer supported.

If Jerin’s website links to a specific post in the community then that’s really where you should have posted.

@jerinjacob can you follow up in the original post here please?