Index of Available Extensions

List of extensions for App Inventor and its distributions, i.e. Thunkable, AppyBuilder and others

Here you can see a list of extensions that have been developed for the App Inventor world, including Pura Vida Apps’ ones, Thunkable Team and users

This topic will be updated regularly, all community members have access to edit this List for making it bigger.

Thunkable Community Extensions Community Extensions

NMD Extensions @Mika

Helios’ Extensions @Helios

Pavitra’s Extensions @Pavi2410

Sander’s Extensions @Sander0542

Sander & Pavi @Sander0542 & @pavi2410

Andres’ Extensions @Andres_Cotes

Thunkable Team Extensions Team Extensions

Pura Vida Apps Pura Vida Apps Extensions

MIT Extensions Extensions

:robot: MadRobots Extensions

:hammer: MakeBlocks Extensions

AppyBuilder Extensions AppyBuilder Extensions

:gift: Wei Qiang Extensions

:evergreen_tree: ColinTree

:heavy_plus_sign: Others

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