In-App purchases Coming Soon

Dear Thunkable staff, can you please advise of a time frame to this feature that you lately posted in your release notes?


yay now in app purchases component will come

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I requested Thunkable staff to give us an idea of the time frame to deliver this component. Apparently, this has not been answered yet but you marked the issue as [Solved]??? :thinking:

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It’s difficult for them to give a timeframe. They need to test everything and make sure it works. As soon as they are confident things are working they will release the update. There is little delay between them finishing their final tests and the release.

So it all comes down to how long it will take to create the update and thoroughly test it. This is anybody’s guess, even they can’t give a firm answer as they might run into unexpected problems. By giving timeframes they will have to work towards a public deadline and risk rushing things, or they will have to release a proper update which may be late and then they’ll be accused of not keeping their promises.

The best we can hope for is that it’s as soon as possible, but most importantly it works.


sorry i thought that it is coming

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Copied from a different ticket

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Does anyone have any information what is happening with this feature? I ask because it no longer appears in “coming soon”