Importing keystore file


The app that I have made contains a different keystore name, but now since I have changed my email id in thunkable , the keystore also changed .
Which means that i cannot update my app in the play store.
So could you tell me how to change my keystore back to the old one but with my new email id.


Have you tried performing a quick search before posting?



if you want to update an already uploaded app in Google Play, you have to use the same package name, which means you have to use the same Google login name and the same Thunkable project name

if you change the email, then you also change the package name of the app and you have to upload the app as new project in Google Play (edited for @Domhnall to avoid confusion)



Do you mean create a new Thunkable project?
“Upload Legacy app” is ideal​ for these exact cases.


@Domhnall the package name will contain the email of what ever user is logged in. If you upload an AIA from one account to another, it will change the package name to contain the email of the logged in user not the user that created it…

This user is changing the account, thus meaning the package name will be different and the upload option won’t work in this case.


The Migrating from AI2 docs say:

If you would like to update an existing Google Play app, will need to use the legacy app option and you will also need to transfer over your keystore,

Surely if @Aryaman_K_Sanjay exports the aia and keystore from the old email then it is possible to upload to Google Play?

I’m going to go test this out for myself.


Ahhh, sorry guys, I missed the most important bit entirely, I thought it was just updating an existing Play store app! Apologies!!

As @Taifun has already stated, package names in Google Play are like unique identifiers, each package name can only be used once only. This is also why you can’t delete projects from your Google Play account, as this ensures that Play store apps can never (should never!?) have duplicate names.

How many users do you have at the moment? Can you perhaps ask them to install the new/alternative version instead?