Import NMD Extension Fails

Good Morning,
I deleted the extension com.NMD.SpecialTools.aix from my app in Thunkable Classic.When I tried to upload a new extension com.NMD.Gestures.aix. It gives me the error below:

Import Extension Failed!
An Extensions containing com.NMD already exist on the server but could not be upgraded. The new extension was not loaded

I have already deleted the extensions so I dont really understand why it is giving me this error. Can someone help. Is there something that I am missing?

Hi @Yaw_Monte, are you using multiple NMD extensions?

I would recommend reaching out to @Mika directly for help with troubleshooting.

@domhnallohanlon Yes I was using an additional NMD extension; but i deleted it. After delete the error still persisted.

Ok. I will contact him.

He’s not provided any feedback. @Mika