Import App from Android to IOS

Hi, is it possible to import my thunkable android app to IOS?, i see when i logged in to IOS my Plaaswag App is visible ?

Or do i need to start all over?



Unfortunately right now you can’t import your Android app into iOS or vice versa, but we are working on making it cross platform in the coming months.


Thank you!!

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Thank You

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any updates on the cross platform?

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We are targeting to have this done before the summer!!!


Has there been any progress, really keen to release my app on android and ios!

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Hi there-

We unfortunately do not have a way to import your .aia to Thunkable X since they are built on completely different infrastructures. If you decide to rebuild your app your app, on Thunkable X, then you can deploy it to both Android and iOS.

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How am I supposed to open my .aia file with a new account when I do not have an old account? I cannot open it on any other platform either because “thunkable switch” is unrecognized by them. All my hardwork has been wasted!!

Hi Amrita, can you answer my topic?
It’s a little rude to ask this way but the thunkable staff seems like avoiding a certain topic (receiving BLE data)