Image verification using an API



Hello, Team Thunkers!

I want a little help from you making my app. My app is all about detecting a particular thing. I will set a particular object. For example; A Stamp.

I need my app to detect only whether the stamp is fake or real. It has to match with the stamp I have set. Else, it should say it’s fake.

So, which components should I go for?



You will have to use some services like OCR to detect objects un an image, but I’m not sure if MicrosoftCamera component is good for that


How should I integrate OCR into thunkable? and please tell me the process


You must search a OCR api and then call it with the web component.
And then you get the response content with the “when web got text” or “when web got file” component.


I’m Trying to find a ocr api which can integrate with thunkable, but couldn’t find one


Here is a good site with thousands of apis. :slight_smile:


can you please tell me how do I connect the API to thunkable? tell me the process please


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This info is on Taifuns page:

With the web component you can call APIs directly from App Inventor. Programmable Web currently lists more than 11000 APIs and daily they add more to their list. Out of this list, the RESTful APIs are easily accessable from within App Inventor. Often, authentication needs to be used to access an API, and OAuth is one of the standards used.


So, How do I integrate this API into Thunkable?


How do I set the API keys and do the configuration on Thunkable?


I have found this API, I don’t know if it works with Thunkable

check it out.


It looks as if you have not had much experience with building apps.
But that’s no problem.

I recommend watching the first tutorials and dealing with them
and then building more complex apps.

You will find many tutorials also on the thunkable/ app inventor page:

Look at the link to understand how to use apis:

Look also here at the example from @barreeeiroo

best regards,


I think, I have more than enough knowledge building basic and simple apps with MIT App Inventor. But never tried integrating API’s



I’m sure they do have experience with APIs, but they are probably busy and don’t have the time to give you tutorials.

They have given you all of the correct links to help you, and to other projects/tutorials which use APIs.


Thanks, Conor!



Check this URL:

You will find step by step guide for API POST request to Google and GET JSON Response and then parse the result and apply to App, This tutorial has Text and Image Responses.

Tutorial for any API Req like Waze
How to add API in thunkable app
API Support For app?

Thanks! @mannankhanabdul @Mika And @Conor! Have a nice day guys! Peace