Image recognizer not working

The description and tags in image recognizer showing???. Can anybody suggest me the solution

The issue shows on every photo or with a particular one? maybe the recognizer is unable to recognize that photo.

Are you using Thunkable Android or iOS?

Have you checked the documentation?

It is with every photo sir. Even with the key also. Till yesterday it was working

Thunkable android sir. Till yesterday it was working

Maybe Microsoft API are down :frowning:

Emotions are working sir

Image emotions are working

I ve checked the document. It was working sir. Only from the yesterday I am facing problem

show your blocks

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from the last one day image recognizer not working it is showing??? for tags and description. Can anybody help me

Hi there,

So sorry for the trouble. As of earlier today, everything should be working again. Let me know if it isn’t.


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The image recognizer is not working again for thunkable classic. Tried modifying the blocks, still no result. As the blocks shown above, it creates an Error 1104: Unable to post or put the file …with the specified url.

It was fine several months ago. But now?
Pls help Arun