Image Print Extension

Image Print Extension

From now on, you can finally print something (images) with this extension.



Be sure to always check, whether user's device supports image printing with SystemSupportsPrint function. Sometimes, user has phone with older OS than Android KitKat 4.4 & sometimes, device just doesn't have a capability of printing something. Plus, don't be scared, extension won't crash if image, that user is trying to print, is not existing.


ImagePrint.aix (1.6 MB)

felicitaciones, tienes algun video ejemplo

Hello, sorry no. As, I am away from home (printer is at my house), so I can’t do anything right now.


Make sure, to share apps here (in which you have used this extension)!

Buena extensión, funciona con impresoras Bluetooth…??

This extension pretty much launches a support app that can print, as in Android it is not possible to print directly. Most of Android phones has Google Cloud Print preinstalled. So I think yes, it works with BT printers.

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Hi. Thanks so much for this extension. If I want to print the display on the screen what do I put for jobName and path?

Do you mean print a screenshot? Are you printing text, or images, or a mixture of both?

Hi. In this example I want the user to be able to print a screenshot. The screenshot is mainly text. I would also like to know how the user can print a results label which only contains text. Thanks.

You could try using @Taifun’s screenshot extension:

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I will try that. Thanks.

@Dalia_Jayes Hey just take a screenshot with @taifun Screenshot extension using TakeScreenshot method and afterwards use AfterScreenshot block. Inside it call PrintImage method and set Path to Image and JobName to a name of this job. Example of job name: Screenshot Printing Job

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Anyways to print TEXT only?
Screenshot is not a solution for me because my TEXT is more than the screen height.

Nope, sorry. Image print extension :slight_smile:, but you can always do a 10$ contribution to help and App Inventor, it’s distros!

@Hassan You can convert text into an image. An example: Place the text you want to print on a canvas, save the image and then use the image print extension of @ILoveThunkable.
To place the text on the canvas, you can use @Italo ´s Tutorial Outlined Text.


Here´s an example project:
Textincanvas.aia (1.6 MB)

Thank you but it still not a solution for me because my TEXT is large. So by doing this, the TEXT get cuts

When I select an image to save as pdf it gets lower quality than normal. It looks different from when I use the print option in the android gallery. It is possible to leave in the same quality as the printing option of the photo gauge. Moreover, the bigger the image, the more it loses the quality of the texts. Is it possible to save 2 pages?

this problem only occurs when it is responsive. How to disable responsive and activate within apk