Image Cropping Extension needed

That extension exists already, the extension is not going to give you a tool to select on the screen where to crop the image. You have to do it and that procedure you come up with will tell the extension how to do the cropping.


I understand, but canvas and Taifuns extension don’t serve my purpose. Canvas can’t zoom in and out and some other functionalities. Also some functionalities that I need are not supported in Taifuns extension. I just want to know if it’s possible to develop this extension from the libraries above?

Using a combination of Taifuns extension and the canvas component wont really work. When a user choose a photo to crop, you probably want to resize the photo to fit the screen. When the user selects the area to crop, taifuns extension will crop the wrong area because of the resizing to fit the scree.

am sure most people do not get @habboubih request. he needs an extension that can crop a pics like the way Coral Draw crops a pics and even possibly crop the background of the pics if am right! .

Well, @habboubih there isn’t such extension. You can try to develop it by yourself or I can create for you for 10$. Your contribution will help Thunkable/App Inventor community.
Regards, @ILoveThunkable

P.S: As @Taifun, “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch”.

@ILoveThunkable That’s why I said “I’d pay for this” in my first post. I’d pay you $20 or even $30 if you could develop this extension using this library.

or this

And also please not that following:

  • This tool needs to support all photo kinds (png, jpg, jpeg …)
  • The input value is the path of the photo (the user will select an image using imagePicker)
  • The result will be saving the new cropped image to a folder and output the path of the new image.
  • I can specify the folder in which new cropped photos would be saved. (optional)

Please let me know if you can implement it and how can I pay you


I can make an extension for 10$ + you can donate more $, if you want. In 1 week, I will make an extension for that.

@ILoveThunkable Thank you so much. You’re gonna really solve a problem that I have been facing for a year. I really appreciate it. Do you want me to pay now or then? And how?

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After making it, I will give you all details. Now, you don’t have to pay. Also I accept payment only through PayPal.

Alright. I forgot to mention that I’ll be using it on AppyBuilder. I don’t think there will be any compatibility issues right?

Finally I made this extension.

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@ILoveThunkable This is fantastic. Thank you so much

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I released my extension here.

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Wow @ILoveThunkable, that extension looks great! :clap:

But just for the record, @habboubih the same thing was possible using @Taifun image extension and a canvas. First you set the canvas size to the proportion of the picture (so it won’y look distorted), then when you set the image as the background of the canvas you can calculate the original size of the image divided by the size of the canvas so you get the factor of the resize. So after the the user clicks on the canvas, you just multiply the x,y values by the factor and use it in the crop method. I have this implemented in an app I made.
Of course the new extension does this much more nicely! :smile_cat:



Yes, it’s possible. Actually I did it too some time ago. With a drag event, I made a rectangle from the touch down point to the touch up point. Using a Canvas.Clear block every time it detects a drag, you give the illusion of making a dynamic selection rectangle. At the touch up event, it will perform the cropping with Taifun’s extension. It worked really nice, actually.

But this extension makes it easier to implement.

@ILoveThunkable: I have some questions:

Does this crops on the original size of the picture or the size shown in the screen?
Is it possible to perform a zoom to make a more accurate selection?

Please send me the demo apk in a message. Don’t worry about me getting your source code. I never got into learning how to make extensions! :grin:

I don’t know what you mean, but you can crop how you want.

Zoom is supported.
I will send you a test application by a private message.

Thanks for your input. It’s actually not only the size problem. There are other reasons why I requested this extension. One of them is what you mensioned. Another reason is, if a user selected the area and then he wants to adjust the selection, with canvas I have to determine which corner the user touched the adjust accordingly.

There are just so many things that the canvas and taifuns extension are missing. So why not create a simple extension for that for $10? It’s professionally programmed by @ILoveThunkable


how to make this app plz help me sooo tnx

Hey, I can’t help you with a whole project, just with a specific thing. …or you can take a look into to learn more how I can help you for an hour with your whole project.

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