Ideas for making non-existent extensions



Ok, casting extension
like screen mirroring


I think @JARRKKKD means to get the temperature in the room


Google or other social login extensions.
Google Game services
Better Listview.


I subscribe an extension which supports list views with icon or thumbnails, multiple choices an so on, as Taifun’s tutorials with Jquery and listviews show.!


@pavi2410 and I are working on that, but I can’t be possible until we have gradle support, which comes after the summer


Waiting for it.Thanks for nice extensions


@Mika i was thinking of extension for background support. Think of this extension as an invisible component or a Bomb that when dragged and dropped into the project, will force the app to run in the background as long as it is compiled with the app. :grinning::grinning: come on Bro! Break the Rules of impossibilities! make it possible. yes you can!!:grinning:


Nope, this needs to be done by Thunkable itself, but they are working on it :slight_smile:


Hahaha ok. then i guess we would have to keep waiting for that power feature


yeah that


I may try to look into something like this.


Is it possible to do any of these?:

Position the cursor inside a textbox after x characters.
Read the current position of the cursor inside a textbox.


the only sensor to know the temperature is the battery temperature sensor :smiley:
Or has your phone about a built-in thermometer? :smiley:
I think no.

The only temperature sensor has the battery


Maybe you must ask the appy builder ceo.
In appy builder is a experimental feature for that.
Any maybe he can create it as extension.


Maybe it’s possible.
I will look if i find anything.


@Mika this time you wrong :smiley:

No, there is ambient temperature sensor too. Some phones (20%) have this sensor.
You may want to read this page:


Haha okay :smiley:
I have never heard of it.


Please test this method.
I have added it into my other test extension because i dont have time to create a new one for tests.
You will find a method called “getColorOfDegradate”

You can use it like this:

Please test it and tell me if this is what you want.
com.NMD.PopUpMenu.aix (7,9 KB)

If this is what you want i will add a steps input.


Actually that method is really good as it is. If you can do a different one with the steps instead of the percent and create a list of colors, that will be exactly what I was talking about.
But I would like to have that one you posted as it is. It’s very useful.


Would it be possible to have a push notis without that exclamation mark and with vibration and have android phones flashing its notis light?