Ideas for making non-existent extensions



Here is my List :slight_smile:

File Download Extension
Google Login Extension
Push Notifications Extension // Alpha testing
better listview extension
Screen Mirroring(Miracast,Chromecast,DLNA)

and @Italo’s idea


Google Login extension is already here… I & @Sivagiri_Visakan made it. Its called Extended Web Viewer


I do not understand how it works


Read ibfirmation about blocks.


Not at all descriptive
I’m looking for a tutorial on how to do it :slight_smile:


Just merge my snippet with the extension :smile:


This is already in Alpha testing


Who is creating this extension? Or you mean Thunkable is working on it?


Thunkable is working on it, and they also are including background services with this update


Can you give me a prove, where they are saying that? Then, I wouldn’t make this extension.


The Push Notifications component is in Alpha testing. I not sure if i’m allowed to share it though.

I think the background service in this update will only allow for the push notifications, nothing else. I could be wrong though.


If you were refering to my suggestion i appologize but i just wanted to describe a normal notifier


I wasn’t talking about any suggestion in particular. I’ve seen this trend in many topics and decided to write about it. Again, it wasn’t aimed at anyone.


The component is still under tests. It doesn’t make nothing
And also Thunkable team is working on iOS and not on this component

Anyway, please continue with your extension
It will help a lot of apps :+1:

Firebase Notifications

How did you access it? Where can I find out this component?


Good question.
I can’t see it too.


It’s a server that is used to test components

It’s not app or beta one
It’s another completly different


You cannot say it? (Even through pm?)


Here another Extension idea

İmage compress and size editor.We need use user selected pictures sometimes and we need optimize them for lower size on each image.

I know Taifun and others extensions for size but they support only jpg and do not support png.

For online API check this

If its posiible ofline its better.

One more option
Webp converter for future (Some android versions do not support it)

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