Ideas for making non-existent extensions



It has been discussed often in the community that new extensions should be something that are not already available.

If you have an idea for new extensions, please write it here, so that our extension builders can take that into consideration when they want to build a new extension.

Extension Requests

I believe that one of extensions that could improve usability of the apps built with Thunkable is an extension that gives the users a better control over for speech recognizer component and someone might be interested in building a new extension for that. :relaxed:

Known problem 1 of speech recognizer:

  1. The microphone cuts off too quickly, something like 2-3 seconds when the users pause and that is quite annoying for both the users and app developers.

Solution to problem 1 with new extension:

  1. Allow the users to define the pause period.
  2. Allow the user to switch the microphone on and off manually. This will be the best solution, as the users have total control over the microphone.

Known problem 2 with speech recognizer:
The users have to manually select which language he is speaking.
Solution to problem 2 with new extension:
The app detects the language the user is speaking automatically without any setting.


But maybe it could be hard to work with external libraries if it’s your first extension


We should have a QR code scanning extension that works with no QR app installed on the device.


Default barcode scanner can scan barcodes, QR codes without the need of any external apps.

See my app:


I get an error when I try to use it on my phone. It says you need an external app.


There is a checkbox in Designer View. Disable “Use External Scanner”


Oh wow. That made me feel dumb. lol


GoogleLogin :laughing:

As my method doesn’t work, it can be a very useful extension to get user data


Which extensions do you all want?

Any ideas?

Please write your extension idea.
Maybe we as developers can make your idea possible :slight_smile:


How about one that allows you to see what version of android the use has?


This option is available since 2 or 3 month :smiley:
Take a look here:


Oh, whoopsies :grimacing:


If you think it could be of any use to some, how about a method with these parameters:


It would return a list of the colors needed to create a gradient from color1 to color2 in the specified amount of steps.

I did it as a procedure, but it would be much faster as an extension.


can you show me a example that i know correct what you want?
my english isnt perfect :smiley:


AI2 really need list view with icon.
List needs Icon, title, subtitle atterbute.


Temperature sensor?


Something like this:


Take a look to Taifuns extension :slight_smile:


For only 8 colors, my procedure is fast enough, but it gets really slow when trying to make a gradient the size of the whole screen.