Ideas for extensions (Punya Framework)

Hi there, Before using thunkable I was using the Punya Framework from MIT and it had the GCM(Google Cloud Messaging) Component also but I am till date not sure how it works also if anyone wants more ideas about making an extension here The Punya Framework has a huge amount of UnImaginable components that I think we need in Thunkable too. so if the Thunkable team or any other Developer can make somewhat similar components for the community.
@ILoveThunkable @Red_Panda @Taifun @albert @amrita @Conor @Andres_Cotes @Helios @Sander0542 @Mika I think you guys should have a look at it.

P.S. also if anyone could explain me how to use the GCM component in the Punya Framework it would be of great help.


Please, read the #communityguidelines category :wink:

Regarding to your question, it has already been discussed:


Hi there,
Thanks for the reply and I am sorry I never aimed to Bother anyone I just thought to bring the Idea in notice.
By the Way thanks a lot for the reply I appreciate.


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