Icon Component Extension by Kus Zab

This simple extension set Icon On any component has text
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which kind of libraries uses? font awesome, material icon…or it is something different?

No libraries, thats drawable not font icon

Awesome :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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fine, and respect an icon font, the speed on loading is better? or icon font are more rapid?

Its depending on source of image, the gap on milsecond i think, this make icon on text not making list, what speed you are talking about

i mean, the speed of loading a screen.
If i have a screen full of images, it will load in a long time, if i use icon font, it needs less time
and using those of your icons?

what do you mean for “source of image”?

use image wisely like use small image for small pixel, source image like web, or asset. so far displaying image internal file just fine.

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