Icon App Badge Extension Preview



Useful extension, based on Leo Lin’s library to add or remove a badge into the application’s icon.

This library currently supports: Sony, Samsung, LG, HTC, ASUS, ADW, APEX, NOVA, EverythingMe, ZTE, KISS, LaunchTime and Huawei (not fully supported) models. Xiaomi devices require extra setup with notifications.

Event handlers

  • Result: Event handler when the icon app’s badge is set or removed, returns whether it was succesful or not.


  • Set: Method for setting the icon app’s badge to a specific number. Parameters: Number to: Number to be displayed in the badge.

  • Remove: Method for removing the icon app’s badge. It is equal to set the badge to 0.



By donating USD$5 or more, I will send you the extension. When donations reaches USD$60, the extension will be fully sponsored and liberated for free to all users.
Link to donate:

Why support by sponsoring extensions?

  1. Sponsoring gives you the opportunity to reward the developer for its efforts made to bring a feature you like/need in your projects.
  2. Get early access.
  3. Full support.

List of sponsors!

  1. It can be you!

Great Work @Carlos_Pedroza

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Only these words to describe

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Astonishing :smiley:

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This works at runtime? Amazing!

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And your prices are so cool too. You are Amazing Man.

With this current extension, does this mean we are heading towards the possibilities of Widgets??


It’s truely amazing what the App inventor communities have accomplished this year, so i would say this could indeed happen in 2018 :smiley:


M4 phone does not uses that badge D:

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:astonished: wow!

worked out of the box, even in live mode on samsung s3 and on samsung s7 after allowing badges in the android settings.
totally worth the 5USD!!!

thx to @Carlos_Pedroza for this extension

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I want this extension, will android version 8, 9 and 10 also work?