IAP Subscription Not Working


I have published an app with a 30 day trial period subscription but it isn’t working correctly.

Weirdly with my account I used to test it still goes in to the 5 second auto renewal test (monthly reoccurring subscription) but I just get an unexpected error with all other accounts.

I’ve tried multiple combinations of blocks and still get the same thing with every publish.

I’m starting to think it might not be the app but some setting I actually need to change in Google Console.

Does anyone know anything that can help?

I can’t find any info anywhere.

Many thanks

Whose IAP extension are you using? Pavitra’s or Taifun’s?

Taifuns one

some days ago we already talked about this via email and this was my answer

let me prepare a small simple subscription example
however this will take a few days, because I have other projects in real life currently
be patient
if you find the issue meanwhile, let me know
thank you

you will have to be patient until I look into this
thank you


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I now prepared another example app to demonstrate how to work with subscriptions, see here https://puravidaapps.com/billing.php#example3

everything works perfectly… you might want to compare the setup and blocks…
also make sure, to NOT use your developer email address to test your app…
see also the Q&A section at https://puravidaapps.com/billing.php#q


The test app is available in Google Play for Beta testers. You can test the example following these steps

Join the Taifun Test Google+ Group to be able to test the example app
Then follow the opt-in URL to get access to the app and to be able to download it to your device. It might take a few hours for Google to enable you as beta tester!
Start testing. If you purchase the subscription, real money will be charged by Google after the free trial period of 3 days ends! You might want to cancel your purchase before the free trial period ends…


Awesome thanks so much Taifun

I deleted all test accounts from Google console and re-worked the blocks using the above link.

For my developer account my app it is operating perfectly yet for any other account I still get an unexpected error message when I click subscribe. It has to be something to do with something on the Google Console but not sure what. My head’s a pickle.

as already said:

make sure, to NOT use your developer email address to test your app…

you can’t purchase your own products/subscriptions…

try the example app, you might want to use it as test app, upload it into your Google Play account to test it with another email account…


I have re published the app again from scratch this time going straight to production and avoiding alpha and beta testing and now it doesn’t work at all for any accounts. All I get is a grey ‘unexpected error occured’ message when I click subscribe

Why exactly don’t you like to follow the suggestions?

  1. Follow the opt-in link to see the test app working in my account.
  2. Upload the example app into your Google Play account into Beta or Alpha and test it with another email address (not your developer email address) to get it working there. You then might realize the issue of your own app … Let us know, what you find out…


I’m following your instructions and my apps blocks are like for like as your example app. I also am not using my developer account to test. I hope this clarifies things.

I think the issue must be how I am publishing the app on Google Console.

The only thing I haven’t yet tried is rolling out an open alpha test followed by an open beta test and then publishing. I will try that and let you know how it goes

again: get the example app running as it is together with your developer account, you only have to add your licence key and merchant id… download the example app (aia file) from the Google Drive folder of the billing extension…

for the correct in app billing settings see the screenshots on my webpage


I have tried to locate the Google Drive for the extension to download the aia but can not locate it. I have also tried numerous other things to get this working but still to no avail. I understand what you are saying re use the example and simply copy and paste merch Id and licence key and integrate example into app. Can you perhaps provide a link to the example aia?

Many thanks

I just sent the sharing link of the Google Drive folder again to your email address

Many thanks I will implement later on and let you know how it goes. I’m bound to be doing something silly some place.

Thanks again

I have used the blocks from the aia and added merch Id, licence key, prod Id, checked everything like 20 times and still once published am receiving ‘unexpected error occured’ when subscribe is clicked…

I have set my subscription to a 30 day free trial. Is that perhaps the issue? Do I have to keep the app published for several days non functioning before Google links everything up?

Certain after all the help and advice which by the way I’m most gracious for that I’m not doing anything incorrect. Even in a live test it initiated some kind of billing process. Pickled

this is what you could try to find out…
what happens, if you follow the example EXACTLY as I did?


Turns out that the problem came down to a button visibility box being un-checked to stop button flicker. It’s now working I guess I will just have to settle for flickery buttons