IAP Extension From PuraVidaApps

Does it work well? It says at the bottom he cannot gurantee it working on every Android device.

It works on all Android devices with Android version 4+.

EDIT: after reading your post again, I realised that you were talking about the Billing extension. My answer was for the actual Pyramid Quiz app. My Pyramid Quiz app requires Android 4+. I cannot say which devices will work with the Billing extension, however.

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I want to use it but don’t really understand how to. I have made a game, RPG, in which you win gold as you progress. But I want to add gold as an IAP so that people can buy it if they want. I think this means it is a consumable.

Are there any tips you can give or is there somewhere I can get more info? How did you learn to use it?

I read through the page, looking at the examples.

Contact @Taifun directly, either private message them here on the community, or visit http://puravidaapps.com/contact.php.

you should have some basic knowledge about programming with App Inventor/Thunkable… it probably helps to first learn the basics, do some tutorials etc…see also the Top 5 tips

all you need to know about the billing extension you can find here https://puravidaapps.com/billing.php

you first buy a product , see also the Example App 1 As simple as possible and if you want the user to buy it again, then consume the product first.

you also might want to follow chapter “Test the functionality of the Pura Vida Airline example app”


I think I kind of get the idea.

Did you write your own procedure to retrieve the license key?

you probably have overseen, that the extension uses the Android In-App Billing v3 library V 1.0.32.

Thanks for all your help. Hopefully I haven’t annoyed you too much.

I’ll give it a try sometime next week when my app is ready then I’ll let you know if it worked.