I Want to make a video apps

I want to make a video chat apps…
like ( which have 1 screen which add a start button, and when we click this button than connect to another people who is installed this apps.
please tell me how to create this apps
or send me any tutorial video of this apps.

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you know that how to make this type of apps

This community is not here to do all the work for you. Read/Watch tutorials and learn how Thunkable works. Also you should know Thunkable is not a “1-button-finished” app wizard and what you are writing is maybe not even possible if you want to make something like video calling in the app… Even without this it will be a lot of work to put into - as I mentioned, this is not a one-click-finished solution.


https://docs.thunkable.com/android This link went to 404. Please once provide correct page .