I want to daily update my app like news app with image and text



i want to update my app daily basis like news app with image and text plz help which db should i use and how to block for that

How's possible to create app view like facebook's timeline

Like from news sites?




plz explain how to block and which db is best


There are a couple of ways.

  1. Use a news API (Very customizable, but hard)
  2. Use the Webviewer (Not so customizable, but its the easiest way)
  3. Use spreadsheet and update the news manually (very customizable, but a little time consuming)

Feel free to ask if you have anymore questions :slight_smile:


You can store in your app the date of last visit and on start verify if today is different from stored date: if so, call your source and update data.


thanks for reply, for giving me best option for my question i need further help so i can creat my best app with help of you i hope you will help me and give me best information
i have my own website and i want to use it with api on my app, how to use customise content for my app what is process, and where can i generate customise api and how to use it in thnkable app


i generate api key but content not show in my app


Here is a tutorial on how to work with an API

I assume that you want to add new Headlines/news stories regularly. You may want to take a look at the dynamic component extension. This allows you to add new components :slight_smile:


Hola te digo una buena opccion para lo que queres es android creator podras hacer una app y actualzarla diariamente (no hay que desarollar) y tiene buenos diseños


Need help , are you on telegram ?


Need help !
Telegram ?


Yes, but I rarely use it :sweat_smile: send me a message here on the forum and I’ll see what I can do :smile:


Can you brief a bit on what type of wesbites you really want to do and on what platform?

Smith https://plex.software/


Yo no lo recomendaría, tiene publicidad