I want 3D Graphics extension


I want 3D Graphics extension, any help please

Could you explain a bit more what you want?

3D graphics APIs ( OpenGL ES ) to create 3d Graphics Apps

No solution to support OpenGL ES or any 3d Graphics library

Better make 3D content with HTML and use it with WebViewer.

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at least no one can convert Three.Js ( javascript 3d library ) as extension ??

We might, but since it won’t be helping everyone in the community as it isn’t a popular demand, you may have to bear all the cost of development.

Why not to try out Wei Qiang extension? It is called Three Dimensional Coordinates Motion, it can run 3d model motion on Canvas.
This is a link for that: http://my.bryanqiang.com/extensions.html

If that is not what you want, consider thinking about what @Helios said.
For 10$, I can make an extension.

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Thanks guys,

this link is not working !