I need Help About JSon Please


I have Created A json file on my Server I want to Display it in List View but Not Don’t What to do.

Please Help me :slight_smile:

Please Show me how to show it in list view from my server json file


Take a look at this topic if you are using X:

And this one if you are using Classic:


Notice what I have and where in the block sequence. The location matters.


You are using Thunkable X. This is a ThunkableClassicDiscuss category.


I am using Classic Thunkable


The into to APIs I linked uses Classic




Waiting for working method for classic thunkable


Combining reading the docs Taifun sent, and the example I gave for classic should be enough. There is a self help approach here. If you had blocks setup that were not working properly we can help, Just paste them here with what the issue is and the JSON you are parsing.