I need a row be on top of the other row, not on the side as the picture



I wan a row be on top of the other row

My idea is to add a picture on the top row and add a menu button on the bottom row. Just to keep them organized?

Please, let me know what settings do I need to change?


Hey Ram!

If you want things to stack on top of each other, you need to put them inside of a column.

If you want things side by side, you can put them inside of a row.

So I think you need to first add a column and then your other components that you want to stack!

So the tree would look like this:

  • Column
    — Image
    — Menu

Here is an example from one of my projects:


Thank you, Works just perfect!


For any future users who come across this thread with a similar question, I went ahead and made a video explaining this further: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sPqryzU8FIQ