I have some questions about my Quiz app! : 3

Hallo from Deutschland!

I want to create a Quiz App, I have some questions:

1.- It is possible to create a timer countdown which ends the quiz when is over?

2.- How many developers can work at the same time on it?

3.- It is possible to offer a subscription service for my app?

Thank you for your time, please have a great day : 3

1- yes

2- one. The way it is set up, Thunkable app development is integrated in a single environment. You can have people develop blocks independently, but in the end, all has to be integrated in a single program, so everyone would need the complete app in some way.

3- what do you have in mind? Some kind of “quiz of the month” file that will be independently distributed and that will be read by the app or accessible for download at a paid website?

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Hello CBVG and thanks a lot for your answers.

About the quiz app subscription, I have in mind to offer multiple quizzes for students, for example: for police entry exam, so the user need to have a subscription to be able to see all the available quizzes among other content, also I have another question: it is possible to create multiple quizzes?

Thanks again for your time and hope to talk with you soon : )

Is it possible to have multiple quizzes?
Yes. You simply need to make those in a file that has some generic format that will be recognized by the app. You need to define and develop the format to use, but more importantly, need to define where it will be stored (in the device with a path, on line with a URL) for the app to find it, and how it will be distributed.
This is something that is more decision than execution.

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I swear CBVG you are the best! thanks : 3,

psdt: I have a problem when I make big questions in to the Quiz, I have tried making it a scroll text, but it does not work properly, I am using the Quiz App template from Thunkable.

Have a great day!

A text box will automatically enable a “drag” scrolling if the text length exceeds the display capability. You just need to make the text box to enable “Multi Line” and to avoid “automatic” height because in that last case it will shift things around, perhaps push elements out of the current arrangement.
Actually, it would be wise to make it the text box with the question to display a set number of lines plus half of one.
Suppose you have this question:
“What is the colour of cobalt chloride
when complitely hydrated?”

If the first line only is shown, "“What is the colour of cobalt chloride” someone might think the answer is blue, because they don’t even notice there is a second line that would impact the answer “pink”.
But have half of the last line showing, then the user knows there is more to the question that is not displayed and would then know to scroll and see the rest.