I have just updated my app and Google has withdrawn it due to advertising request



Google has requested me to remove the request for Android Advertising ID within the app.
This is not my choice and was not in the original app.
Thunkable needs to remove this from the compilation of apps.
Atcions Google want me to take:-
Next steps: Submit your app for another review

  1. Read through the Usage of Android Advertising ID and User Data policies, as well as the Developer Distribution Agreement, and make appropriate changes to your app. If you decide to collect sensitive user information, be sure to abide by the above policies, and include a link to a valid privacy policy on your app’s store listing page and within your app.
  2. Make sure that your app is compliant with all other Developer Program Policies. Additional enforcement could occur if there are further policy violations.
  3. Sign in to your Play Console and submit the update to your app.


Hi @stephenc, sorry to hear you are having issues with this.

Are you using the AdMob component in your app? Or are you using any extensions?


NO I use no ads, I specifically state this in the text on the first screen page.
Google have update me that:-
Step 1: Fix the policy violation with your app

During review, we found that your app violates the Usage of Android Advertising ID policy. We determined that your app’s attribution SDK enables collection of IMEI from devices which have an Android advertising ID without prominent disclosure. You must be transparent in how you handle this data, including by disclosing the collection, use, and sharing of the data, and you must limit use of the data to the description in the disclosure and within your app’s privacy policy.

If your app’s collection of IMEI is unrelated to functionality described prominently in the app’s listing on Google Play or in the app interface, then prior to the collection and transmission, it must prominently highlight how the user data will be used and have the user provide affirmative consent for such use.

I do not use the IMEI, the only extension is taifunfile to use is for accessing the file system to read and write music files to play on the app.
I cannot understand how this has crept into this app, as there is no way to use this information in Thunkable.
I also do not have a website on which to place the required personal privacy statement which also a requirement on Google Play, you cannot put this on the Google Play page, it has to be a URL!


I still have not had any comment from Thunkable as to why this upgrade has broken Google rules when I have made no changes, just re-compiled it.


HI @stephenc

Apologies - I thought I had asked you for a link to your app. Can you send that on now please?

Also, can you clarify whether this should be in #thunkable-cross or #classicdiscuss?



This should be in #classicdiscuss as I don’t use #thunkable-cross.
The application is Dementia_Player4B.apk .
The link was https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.adams1stephen.Dementia_Player4b but it has now been withdrawn by Google Play so it is not on display.
The program is still stored in my Thinkable account.


Same problem here. 3 of my apps created with classic thunkable, was deleted by google for exactly the same.

Worrying that thunkable gathers undue information through the applications that the users of this service create, especially because google believes that the creators collect that information intentionally when in reality it is not like that.


one signal collcect all of that data and cryshlytics what all the builder uses


I don’t know nothing about that. The only sure is that google do not understand in this way.


one signal collect more data as you think, they track all of that what the user do. each website each time when heuse the app and much much much more read one signal GDPR they tell you there what they collect.