I cannot access my thunkable project


I cannot access my thunkable project, it says something like internal error, please try again later (I’m not at my PC right now). It won’t load because I installed a bad extension and I have no way to fix it, I tried loading the .aia file with AppInventor and others and that doesn’t work so I am really stuck. Do I send my .aia to one of the mods here?


Close your browser, reopen it and try again. If you are still having the issue, then send your .aia to [email protected].

We can try to help, but sometimes if you load a bad extension, there is nothing we can do either.


Do you know what extension is causing this?


I believe it was something Tools,


Okay, just open your screen files in notepad++ and delete everything that is the corrupt extension


Ok, so I’ve got notepad++, How would I navigate to where the extension is? All I see is just a big mess of characters


well, do we have bad extensions? I don’t think so… there might be some not so useful extensions but bad? not really…

open your aia file using 7zip, go to the assets folder and remove the external_comps subdirectory, then upload the modified aia file again into Thunkable… remember: make backups frequently and especially before doing such things



Well when I say ‘bad’ extensions I don’t mean the creator made a bad extension and no one likes it. What I mean by ‘bad’ is that the extension must of accidentally corrupted something…(anyway I do love ur work and I’ll try the 7zip thing later)


I have done that. Uploaded to thunkable, and nothing…It doesn’t come up with an error just nothing, When I reload the page (app.thunkable.com) and click on my app the yellow loading box at the top comes and goes and leaves me on the page, I have yet to try and upload the .aia into AppInventor and others


your project seems to be corrupted…
you might want to import your latest backup and restart from there
see also tip 6 here and read all the reasons, why a backup is important



Well I’m f’ed if my .aia is broken. I do have the .apk of my app fully working on my phone, is there anything I can do with that?