I have joined thunkable recently. I want to know if Thunkable app is completely free? Do they show branding or ads in the apps we make and download?
Please reply it will be of great help.

First learn about how to thunk
How to use blocks.
Them you can talk about ads… .
Don’t be selfish and see money keep attention towards ads and money

Your question answer
Thunkable classic does not show Thier branding… Shows made with thunkable on three dot menu … on about application and keeps it takes ads less than 5% as a commission

Thanks for your reply and advice.

  1. I am not selfish. I am ready to buy the prop version but I don’t think there is any for classic app.
    2)I am not going to use ads in my app, I only want to know if they show their ads or not as this question comes from appsgeyser who even after taking pro version show their ads in our apps.
  2. I have used other platforms, new only to thunkable, PS: I know how to code.

I am not going to show ads in my app will thunkable show their ads in my app (platforms like apps geyser do)?
Please answer my question!

There are two thunkable, the Classic one (a derivative of MIT App Inventor) which is free to develop in, that can support ads if you put them in, and that targets only Android; and Thunkable X, which is free if you keep your projects public, but has a paid version that give you ‘privacy’ of your code; that targets both iOS and Android.

Thunkable does not add advertisement to your applications.

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