How to use google's material design in thunkable



Are you talking about the searchbar and view or background part ?



Follow the post mentioned below to get your answer :point_down:


Here’s an example
example.aia (15.1 KB)

Continuum Browser (This project was delayed due to some issues)

Thank you very much


I have one more question how to change background and button color automatically with browser color.Means Google map bg color green when any one visited that site status bar,bg and button color will automatically change with green color.


Ok, I hope that’s what you wanted
example2.aia (147.1 KB)


Thanks a lot again


Sir how we can use google material icon in our as you used in your continuum browser, how to create new tab option and how to use snackbar?


You said one more question, then you said one more and now again a question. It’s not okay to copy absolutely all the app.


i do not copy bro i just take some features from his app .I am making my own browser in my way


How did you make a cardview look in your browser


Please send aia file this app


Please send aia file this app :yum:


I am using appybuilder here


ok wait after completed full project I will share aia


When do u complete your project . anyway you are making awesome project


It take one week more brother. Thanks :purple_heart:




how you create the round cards