How to use Firebase to join image and text, then save it and post it to a different page


I am creating an app that lets you post classifieds. User will enter title, details and attach an image, then click the post button. How can I use firebase to save all of this with with title as tag and then post it to homepage where other users will be able to see it.

Any help would be appreciated.


So it is something like a facebook/instagram newfeeds feature! Right?
User can post an image with a title and a short description.

for this set of work you have create a logic where,
the image 1st get uploaded to Cloudnary DB and now after successful upload, run the 2nd logic which create a new bucket [ with a new id ] in you firebase db and store the details to specific tagg like Image, title & description.

Alo craete a shaperate tag [ say poast ] for home screen and store the new post bucket id in a list…
So that when the user opens the app it’ll load all the post according to the tag [ poast] list.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you for the response.

The app is like a ‘post your classifieds’ but yes the same news-feed type feature.
I’ll try your solution on the weekend. and get back if I run into any problems.