How To Use Colin Custom Tree List View And Firebase Data


Can Any One Say Me How To Use Colin Custom Tree List View And Firebase Data

With Blocks.
In My Firebase Data Base

CHAPTER - Pdf File Link

My Firebase DB Details In Image.

Hi friend, I can do this if you want this information I can help you, I know I already had this problem too

yes Yes, I’ll help you, but before you explain to me exactly what do you want to do? Do you take all the stored information and obtain in the list coren or you specify, such as the rotolo or the separate value? Funny rsrs I’m developing an app with this setting now rs

Hi everyone check out my Tutorial based on Thunkable Firebase Colin List View

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hi @mnjsamal i am following you from since i started thunking apps
can you share your exact aia file after compleate coding
this vedio is not working for me
i have downloaded your aia file but it is not working
please help me
my whatsapp number 8950482901
i have also uploaded my test aia file and all credit goes to @mnjsamal

ListViewer_copy (1).aia (85.6 KB)

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That actually working, just rename the aia file and do the same as I have done in that video

how to show external icons by link