How to use Any Component?

How to use Any Component feature? Please Give any Example.

Typically like this

But there are more useful cases


Thank You Very much

i want use like this but com’t understand

How to work with the advanced features

A Multiple Choice Quiz: How to work with the advanced features



I’m having problem with “any component”.
I’m trying to initialize a list of buttons (hight, width, backgroundcolor) but I receive an error message.

This is the block that I’m using:

But I receive this error:

Where am I wrong?

Thanks in advance for the support.

Look at the example Red_Panda gave you. You need to put your buttons into the list not a string.

Ok, I understand. Thanks!

Hey @imparareiltedesco76 - I appreciate that this is somewhat off-topic, but the Any Component blocks were added to Thunkable X back in July: