How to turn blocks code into aix

Dear CJ, I hope not to be intrusive but I think only you can help me.
From the request that I will let you know immediately that I do not understand anything about programming.
I’m passionate about the use of Thunkable, unfortunately some extensions that interest me are paid so I came happy to the idea of creating them yourself (very bad idea! :sweat_smile:), starting to use Blockly (I say no more because surely will know ).
However, to not take up any more time I get to the point.
I have come to the point of building the block that sees in the image.

with the respective code:

Block Definition:
Blockly.Blocks[‘chatmessageview’] = {
init: function() {
.appendField(new Blockly.FieldTextInput(“ChatMessageView”), “Fumetto”)
this.setPreviousStatement(true, null);
this.setNextStatement(true, null);

Generator Stub:
Blockly.JavaScript[‘chatmessageview’] = function(block) {
var text_fumetto = block.getFieldValue(‘Fumetto’);
var value_nome = Blockly.JavaScript.valueToCode(block, ‘nome’, Blockly.JavaScript.ORDER_ATOMIC);
var value_messaggio = Blockly.JavaScript.valueToCode(block, ‘messaggio’, Blockly.JavaScript.ORDER_ATOMIC);
var value_data = Blockly.JavaScript.valueToCode(block, ‘data’, Blockly.JavaScript.ORDER_ATOMIC);
// TODO: Assemble JavaScript into code variable.
var code = ‘…;\n’;
return code;

But I do not know how to turn it into a file with extension. aix to be able to later load it into:
Could you help me understand how to do it?
Thanks in advance for your availability.
thank you so much