How to store points firebase and show


Please someone can tell me how to save a point in Firebase and show those points on the screen.
I used TinyDB but it gets edit from the rooted mobile. Please no one can help me, so that I can save points from editing.


What do you mean by points, please specify. Points on earth? Points in a game? Canvas points?


Points in game …


Did you read the documentation?


I guess @sohal7052 meant score.


I took a point text. I want to see whenever the user sees video ads, he gets points and those points are stored in my firebase and the number of points that the user has to show in TXT is displayed in the screen And whatever the firebase tag is, the user whose mobile number has been registered show up and show the points


Hello! You can use the Firebase Database as a solution.

  1. First, you can authenticate users with the FirebaseAuth extension.
  2. When you get the id of the user, set it as Project User
  3. And read/store the points there.
  4. Also, if you use my FirebaseAddOn extension you can make them accesible by the users. You can check my post where I showed some blocks on how to use it.
  5. Alternatively, you can store the points and use the id as a tag, specially if you don’t want to store more information about the user.

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