How to store multiple data from different devices in firebase? #Help



Hi there,
i’m just curious to know that how to store data in firebase with multiple devices .
As i created the firebase database and in my test app i put some data (Data 1) in the app which is stored in database (as Data 1) and from other device i put some different data (Data 2) to store but the previous data (Data 1) get replaced with the new one(as Data 2) in firebase.
Please help


Could you show us a screenshot of your blocks that save the data to the database?


the previous data is replaced with the new one .


That is simple logic.
Every device uses in your example the same storage tag name.
That is the reason why your data is replaced (overwritten).


Use Set Firebase Proyect bucket , the localID , and then u can add infinite values ,


how can i do it ? could you please elaborate.


Thank you angel. your advice works and i really appreciate it.
And thank you all !


Well¡ , Every user have unique localId , if u have two screen or move u can move that code whit tinyDatabase , Have a good day


Hi angelshce22, This is inform you that my db is not working properly ! Could you please make some blocks so that the data from different devices will store in the directory of db.
Also, let me know the structure of my db
Please consider my request as i really need some blocks . Thank you #Pleasehelp #androiddiscuss


For example This , If u uses FirebaseAuth u can generate a Unique User id , Or u can take the PhoneId Whit
Taifun Extension


U can see a firebase tutorial from mirxtrem apps There are very good , its in spanish but its easy to see it how its works


Hey …Even my data is getting overriding
Any suggestion ?


Even I have the same issue…Any suggestion


The arguments , [empty-string] are the wrong number of arguments for GetValue

I am getting this error


I have the same problem. Whenever I try to register a new entry my old entry is being overwrite. please help