How to show multiple data in Collintree Listview from Spreadsheet?

Yeah, the method provided by @Vaibhav_Patil works totally fine. But I want to show data in label after picking the particular element. Is that possible?

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If you want to pick an element from the list and then display in any label then you can just use this block

And instead of storing value in tiny_db you can set in Label.
And if you are trying to say something else please explain more about.

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Yeah I want to show data in label after picking. Let me try as you said and then I’ll let you know. Thanks for ur help

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Not working! There is no block for snowing the element selection. :frowning:

This is what I want to show:

There are some names in list from spreadsheet ( my spreadsheet has 2 columns: Name and Link, each coloumn has 3 rows filled with data for now) when any name is selected from list then Label1 and button1 got visible. And they should show that selected name in label1 and link from that row on button. This is all I need help with.

can u put your blocks here

blocks are the same as shown on top but what change I want is to show the Name in label 1 and link in button1 after selection of particular name from list.

i can not fine blocks image plz attach here

here are the blocks. I dont know that how to show data after clicking the element thatswhy I left that empty.

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here is the spreadsheet data for better understanding that what I am doing

put image of this block

means design view

live testing view

Those two screenshots on the top are from live testing sir

i crate above block but not get any result in live testing

if possible send aia file


Try this

  1. Declare a global variable ‘number’ to 0 (same as you declared indexid)

  2. Set this above declared variable to get number(the one from for each number) just below add item list block.

  3. Now in When Colintree.ElementClicked block set the label.text to Spreadsheet.Getvalue with column name ‘Name’ and Row number to get global number.

  4. Same for set button.text to Spreadsheet.Getvalue with column name to ‘link’ and Row number to get global number.

(Sorry for not able to show relevant blocks as I am away from laptop and so i was not able to test this also)

Let me know if this works for you :+1:

I couldn’t understand the 2nd point. Can u please tell me what u trying to tell sir

Can u make blocks and send pic whenever u are free sir? Because it is difficult for me to i


Sorry, there is some change in the mentioned steps in my above reply. Try below blocks with your data

Share here your results! :+1:

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It works!!! Finally!! Thank u so much.
One more thing :smile:

As u know there is a link assigned on button1 to every name. How to open that link when button1 click?