How to show multiple data in Collintree Listview from Spreadsheet?

Hello Thunkers,
I am struggling while showing data in my app from spreadsheet in @ColinTree listview. Please help me!
Here is my spreadsheet details-

And these are my blocks and I know these are totally wrong…

And I want to show the data somewhat like this-
Please help me to call data from spreadsheet any help is appreciated,Thank You!


Please read the highlighted part in the below picture

(source of Image:

If you read it , you will know that, in the list, the first item is the icon path (but your’s is pointing towards column name of spreadsheet which i think is creating the problem)

I tried this extension along with spreadsheet I got this :point_down: as a result, which i think may help you :slight_smile:


Blocks for above result :point_down:



Thank you @Vaibhav_Patil but the problem is that i have hundreds of user so I can’t add user manually in the list view. I need that all the users and their data get displayed automatically in the list view without writing index no. of every 100 user. In your example you are calling everyone’s data by their index manually.
I hope this is possible by creating a loop of index numbers of total users.
BTW thank you!:grinning:


Try these blocks as shown in image below:


Hey @Vaibhav_Patil I did the same but it is saying “Unfortunately List Has Stopped” .

Oh! :open_mouth: This should not happen! I checked above blocks on my side and they are working perfectly without any issue. Can you show the blocks?

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Oh Sorry @Vaibhav_Patil that worked actually the problem was with my sheet.
But can’t we sort a spreadsheet, means i add another column “number”. So, whose number is greater get’s listed first. Can’t we do that?

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Sorry but can you explain in detail what exactly do you want?

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I mean that suppose this is my spreadsheet

And I want “sharda” to be listed before “this us” because it have greater no. of Tokens.

One more problem @Vaibhav_Patil i was trying to get index no of the selection from list and store it in TinyDB. These are my Block blocks
But this is showing Runtime error. Am I doing something wrong?

I tried the same thing with similar blocks and the result is below :point_down:


The Do it result shows that 7th element clicked.

And for this :point_down:

I think it’s not possible and even if it’s possible then it would be much complicated I guess.

Anyway I will try the same and keep you updated here… :slight_smile:

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Thank You @Vaibhav_Patil for helping and if you find any solution then please tell.:grinning:

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May be the possible solution of your problem :point_down: would be using Sort function in your spreadsheet itself :wink:

Watch below video for more details:

Here he has used two sheets but i think in your case sort function can be applied in present sheet itself :smiley: :+1:

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But when I tried sort function in column then the whole sheet became unresponsive and I wasn’t able to call data from Spreadsheet.
May be due to my Android Version but I will again give it a try again…
Thank You very much :grinning::+1:

Oh! I have just tried using the sort function in the sheet. I have not populated the elements of list after sorting the list. I will also try and will tell you the result :slight_smile:

@Vaibhav_Patil can you please tell me how add a button in this list view extension please tell me if there any way

As much as I know, it is not possible to add buttons in present listview but the elements in the list itself are clickable. However you can contact @ColinTree , if you want a customized list view according to your needs. To contact visit :point_down:

Actually i want to make a list for youtube videos please tell me the with i can add new updates of my youtube videos via spreadsheet amd upload my video thumbnails as list view icon please peovide a aia and blocks images also

I need help with spreadsheet and listview.
I have 2 culumns in my spreadsheet: name and link
I tested your blocks regarding ahowing data from spreadsheet to listview. I show name column only in my list. But I need help when element select then it shows name on label 1 and link on label 2 from the same row.
Could you help me with blocks?

Hello @imGurjot are you using List or Label to show your data?
BTW try the method shown by @Vaibhav_Patil. That works fine !!