How to share the image jokes images which i am using in app


I need help about it can anyone tell me please i need help about it

so please reply


copy the images from the assets to the internal sdcard using the file extension, then use the sharing component to share it
How to take a picture or pick an image and share it


i don’t mean that

i have some images in my app and want to add a butten to share these images from the app


So, he gave you the link for that.



ok i will try my best on next time

con you tell me how to directly interect with thunkable team


Umm? Why you want to do that? Community is here to help


iwant exact answer and i have to create the app today for Diwali in India and all things is done ony that is remaining


well, I guess you better start first with an exact question …


Hi. If I understood well, you want everybody that is using your APP being able to see an image that is in your Cell Phone, but you don´t want do upload / dowload process… Is that right?


The image is already part of the app and built or packaged with the app I guessed so drag a button into your UI and name it Share_button. In the button’s text colum, enter “share” so the user will know it is purpose is for sharing. Now drag the share component into your project. When your user clicks on share, call the share component blocks that has file and message. In the file port, drag and empty text block there and inside it write the name of the file you want to share which you have already uploaded and it packaged with the app. Example : if the image file name is John, in the text block write john.jpg or john.png depends. And the field for message, you can just put an empty text block there or enter the message along which you want your image to be shared.

Hope this helped or else you might want to upload some block images or .ai file for thunkers to see and help you. But all needed Answer in my opinion have been given to you up there by Taifun and Ben.

Best regards!


Also if you talking about images, you might probably want to introduce some if control statements to make sure the right image is been shared at the right time as intended by your user. It all depends on your code structure and what you are trying to achieve. We can only help if you help us with clarity!


No , have you ever seen an app which have images related to anythig which have download as well as share option with it
that’s it i want to create a app like those apps


you can try this by own
this shws that file john.jpg does not foud on your device ok